Apa khabar iman? Yazid au yanqus?


Hai awak dan awakk,, Solat dulu yok!

Jun 8, 2014

Prepare Ourselves

took me so long to write something in this blog.

i pretend to be all-busy, but the truth is i am a very free man now, despite all the homework though.

to be in the house all the time, eating, watching tv, sleeping, reading comics. the lists are endless.

i want this holiday to be meaningful and useful but yet. it was not. it is not.

my teacher said that motivation only lasts for at least 3 days. and how true it is. T_T

let's go back to school! i can't stand this laziness of myself.

doing something shamelessly, yet knowing He always watching. just what was i thinking?

that i can ask forgiveness later? hah!

dose kecil pun kalau buat hari-hari pun boleh bertimbun jugak, kak.

nasib baik lah aib2 kite semua Allah tutup, kalau tak? cube je la bayangkan dosa pahala kite ditayang. sambil jalan bahu kiri senget sebelah sebab dose banyak sangat. macam tu baru nak rase ngeri?

oh tak. saye tengah cakap dekat diri sendiri ni.

tak payah la sibuk nak ubah orang. sebab kite memang takkan dapat ubah manusia lain. sedang Rasulullah pun tak boleh bagi hidayah kat pakcik baginda. inikan kita. yang boleh dilakukan ialah ubah diri sendiri dulu.

daripada kurang baik kepada yang baik.
dan daripada baik kepada yang lebih baik.

oh how i wish doing is as easy as talking.
but actions speak louder than words, no?

at the moment when i face the real world out there, i really hope i would not lose to all the hypocrisy, all the deceptions.

sebab tu lah ilmu tu penting. bukan setakat untuk periksa. lepas tu lesap semua dari otak.

the knowledge, the skills. on how to confront the people out there.

are you ready yet?

~peace be upon us..

p/s: by the way, i'm still alive, fit and healthy, alhamdulillah. sorry for MIA these two months.

Mar 29, 2014

Time and tide wait for no man.

how true... T___T

that's why make a hay while the sun shines.

too late.